Online dating: How to tell if a guy likes you

It is wrong to think that a man who is attracted to you is always going to let you know it or show it in a very obvious way when you are dating in websites like Fuego de Vida (for Spanish people), like you can see in Lots of men won’t dare to show it to you, maybe because they are shy or just because they aren’t sure that you will like them back. But if you’d like to know if a guy likes you so you can take that first step, there are several subtle signs that you can detect in his attitude that will help you to discover it.

how to tell if a guy likes you


If a guy likes you, he’ll look at you, a lot, and that’s something indisputable. But to find out if he looks at you because he likes you or if he does it for another reason, you must carry out a seduction game based on looks that will give you the answer. Look at him for a few seconds until you meet his gaze and then push it away. Repeat this action several times until you find out if you always match again, so you can find out if he looks for you with his eyes or it was a simple coincidence.

Body language

It’s not easy to discover messages with the naked eye, but if you learn to interpret body language you can find valuable information to know if a guy likes you. In general, if his body (head, torso, hands, feet…) points towards you, it’s always a symptom of interest. On the contrary, crossed arms and the parts of his body pointing in another direction demonstrate the opposite. A relaxed attitude and physical proximity will also be positive data.


Along with the looks, smiles can let you know if a guy likes you. It’s not only about him smiling when you two meet, because he can do it because he’s being polite, but that he smiles all the time and his smiles are, above all, sincere. We are talking about those smiles that you can’t avoid when you see someone you like, and that, if you feel attracted to him, you won’t be able to hide. You can observe this detail while practicing the game of seduction looks.


Observe if he tries to talk to you, if he looks for excuses to be close to you and, above all, if he’s interested in your life and your hobbies. It’s very common to try to find common ground with who we are talking about, especially if we like him or her or want to impress him or her. This is the easiest sign to discover if a guy likes you, especially if you already have a good relationship and you meet often. Find good conversational topics and watch his reactions, you’ll see clearly if he likes you.