How to solve conflicts as a couple

couple problemsAnyone who has ever engaged in a serious relationship knows that not everything is a piece of cake. There are a lot of couples who usually have short, ephemeral relationships don’t get to the resolve conflicts, because in the first months everything is beautiful. The power of passion blinds people and often the relationship ends before they even get to know each other better.

But within a few months, when coexistence in couples is constant and almost daily, some begin to see the faults and attitudes in their significant others. This generates many discussions, so it’s important to realize that getting involved in serious relationships is not easy. That’s why many men and women choose not to get deeply involved with anyone, to avoid problems and the pain that’s the consequence of love.

As frightening as it may seem to have to deal with this type of couple problems, in fact, the main ones can be solved easily with a certain amount of dedication from both parties. If you want a relationship to work out, the only thing you need to have is a real and deep interest in stay together. If you have that, there is no relationship that can’t be saved. Don’t they say that if you are healthy, nothing else matters? Well, this is more or less like that.

Let’s see what are the main problems faced in a serious relationship and how to solve them as a couple:

Communication issues

This is perhaps the greatest problem of humanity in general and not only in couples. Any serious relationship will suffer a lack of communication at some point. When communication is failing and you have lost that intimacy and routine of talking about each other’s day, you’re not longer interested in what your partner did, failed to do, goals, dreams, ambitions, desires, etc., something is very wrong.

If there’s love, there’s interest, but you shouldn’t think that it’s only a phase and that things will get better by itself. You must work to not let that lack of comumunication interfere in your relationship.

What to do to have a beeter communication?

A truly interesting conversation is immersive and uninterrupted. So be really interested and disconnect yourself from all the technological devices (TV, smartphone, notebook, etc). Ask your partner to do the same. So, take a moment everyday to make that daily change. It may be at dinner time, before bed… You must decide the best time for you and seek to know things about your significant other.

Ask stimulating questions, force yourself to pay attention, and respond honestly. Don’t do anything out of obligation, the conversation must be spontaneous. If at any other time of the day your partner seeks you to talk, open your ears and you heart to listen to him or her.


If there are certain manias and attitudes that you loathe in your partner, there must probably be some manias in you that also irritate your partner. This problems are natural to appear with coexistence. Individuals are selfish by nature and individualistic, so at some point you may just want to be on your own. When you are in this mood, it may be because you constantly fight, which will generate tremendous discomfort between you.

What to do to solve conflicts?

Tolerance is something that must always be practiced. No one wants to live in discomfort. Preserve the tranquility and harmony in your couple. You must learn to respect your partner completely, including manias. There is no point in wanting to change the other person to get him or her to be more like you. Accept your significant other and the attitudes that really bother you. Ask your partner to do the same with you and you will live much happier with each other.