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Online dating: How to tell if a guy likes you

It is wrong to think that a man who is attracted to you is always going to let you know it or show it in a very obvious way when you are dating in websites like Fuego de Vida (for Spanish people), like you can see in Paginasdating.es. Lots of men won’t dare to show […]

Is sexting dangerous?

In case you are one of those who still doesn’t know what sexting is, you must know that sexting is a trend that has been active for years and that has already been a nightmare for many people, including celebrities. Sexting is done by sending messages and videos with sexual content of oneself, such as […]

How to solve conflicts as a couple

Anyone who has ever engaged in a serious relationship knows that not everything is a piece of cake. There are a lot of couples who usually have short, ephemeral relationships don’t get to the resolve conflicts, because in the first months everything is beautiful. The power of passion blinds people and often the relationship ends before […]

4 basic tips to flirt with a boy in street

Have you ever wonder if you are a real sexy girl? Do you feel envy when labors in street scream some compliments to your best friend? If you don’t usually flirt with other guys, you must be change. In this article we gave you the perfect solution to be a explosive girl, then you’ll go […]